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Find Your School, Fall 2019

School Boundaries 2019-20

Welcome to our new school search for the 2019-20 school year. The new search includes new schools, grade levels and boundary changes, which become effective September 2019.

We want families to be aware of several important changes:

  • Starting in fall 2019, all middle schools in Highline will expand to include sixth grade.
  • We will open a fifth middle school—Glacier Middle School—in SeaTac.
  • We will open a new, larger Des Moines Elementary School at the Zenith Park site.

These changes affect the school boundaries and feeder patterns and are reflected in the 2019-20 search map below.

Other Impacts for 2019-20

In addition, students in the Highline High School service area should be aware of construction impacts and the location of the interim school for two years:

  • While Highline High School is under construction for two years, from fall 2019 through spring 2021, HHS students will attend school at the Olympic Interim Site at 615 South 200th Street in Des Moines. Transportation will be provided.

For more information on these changes, who it affects and who it doesn’t affect, and the year-long community process for the decisions, please visit our website with boundary information and FAQs.

Looking for the 2018-19 school boundaries?