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2019-20 CFAC

Welcome to the 2019-20 session of the community-led Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC). CFAC members from across the district will work together to prioritize future construction needs for Highline Public Schools. 

COMMITTEE CHARGE:  Complete Community Recommendations for Future Facilities, including prioritizing facilities built prior to 2000.

2019-20 Membership & Recommendations


2019-2020 CFAC Membership List

CFAC membership consists of 41 seats for community volunteers and appointees with balanced representation from across the district. 20 members are selected by lottery from the four main service areas in our district. 21 members are appointed by various local organizations, district staff associations, jurisdictions and comprehensive high schools. 

Members Selected by Lottery

  • Jen Pilgrim, 2015 lottery
  • Rose Clark, 2015 lottery
  • Karla Ohrt, 2015 lottery
  • Tonita Webb, 2015 lottery
  • Shane Stender, 2017 lottery
  • Omaha Sternberg, 2017 lottery
  • Cheryl Forbes, 2017 lottery
  • Terri Hewitt, 2017 lottery
  • Mika Sundberg, 2018 lottery
  • Robert Evans, 2018 lottery
  • Chris Gover, 2018 lottery
  • Melinda Gorog, 2019 lottery
  • Ellen Tester, 2019 lottery
  • David Thompson, 2019 lottery
  • Jawahir Ali, 2019 lottery
  • Martha Rivera Stanley, 2019 lottery
  • Anna Livingston, 2019 lottery
  • Annmarie Falaniko, 2019 lottery
  • Dawit Alemayehu, 2019 lottery
  • Ayan Jeite, 2019 lottery

Appointed Student Representatives

  • Mohamed Fahiye, Tyee High School Service Area
  • Jacob Tuaua, Evergreen High School Service Area
  • Bontu Balda, Mount Rainier High School Service Area
  • To be named, Highline High School Service Area

Members Appointed by Organizations

  • To be named, Our Future Matters
  • To be named, Southwest Youth & Family Services/New Futures
  • Grabiela Gonzalez, Para Los Niños
  • Danelia Salazar, OneAmerica
  • To be named, Somali Parent Education Board
  • Long Phan, YES for Highline
  • Maria Santiago, Highline Council PTA
  • Melissa Ebbeson, Highline Special Needs PTA
  • Pattie Zimmerman, Teamsters
  • Jeffrey Steen, Highline Education Association
  • Michael Sita, Principal’s Association
  • Lois Schipper, King County Council 
  • To be named, White Center Community Development Association 
  • Mike Ruff, City of Burien
  • Michelle Sipes-Marvin, City of Normandy Park
  • To be named, City of Des Moines
  • To be named, City of SeaTac

If a lottery member needs to step down early in the process, an alternate will be called up from the service area list by order of selection. If an appointed member needs to step aside early in the process, the organization will be invited to appoint a new representative. 

Process & Alternates

We announced a lottery in October to refill 9 open lottery seats on the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC). We received 60 entries. Below is the list of names as drawn. The number of seats open in each service area varies each year depending on returning and appointed members. Names in bold indicate new CFAC members. Other names are alternates. We balance representation between the geographic areas of our district. We will use the list order to contact people if a lottery seat opens in their service area early in the meeting schedule. 

Evergreen Service Area

  1. Melinda Gorog
  2. Ellen Tester
  3. William White
  4. Trent Kibbe
  5. Arista Chen
  6. Michael Davey
  7. Susan Givens
  8. Sarah Gengler Dahl
  9. Stephan Lamphear
  10. Simetress Roberson
  11. Michelle Haughton
  12. Colleen Paull
  13. Elizabeth Rockett
  14. Hoang Nguyen
  15. Lisa Biagi
  16. Edward Vega
  17. Jerome Pionk
  18. Jaimee Marsh

Highline Service Area

  1. David Thompson
  2. Lisa Johnson
  3. Vanessa Cress
  4. Bridget Chalcraft
  5. Karla Medina
  6. Kyle Morden
  7. Kari Taylor
  8. William Lichty
  9. Samuel Ostrander
  10. Ryan Richards
  11. Bianca Hernandez
  12. Adam Levy
  13. Barbara Miller
  14. Zenaida Beltran

Mount Rainier Service Area

  1. Jawahir Ali
  2. Mark Allen
  3. Diana Prkut
  4. Andrea Love
  5. Tricia DuBray
  6. Pattie Zimmerman
  7. Joseph Seeger
  8. Carola McAndrews
  9. Robert Huber
  10. Erik Ruffing
  11. Tara Reilly-O'Kane
  12. Brooke Marjamaa
  13. Minh Ta
  14. Joshua Wainscott
  15. Larcy Amorelle
  16. Rob Rovig
  17. Magdalena Cruz
  18. Nicole Jones
  19. Travis Eriksen
  20. Tam Le

Tyee Service Area

  1. Martha Rivera Stanley
  2. Anna Livingston
  3. Annmarie Falaniko
  4. Belyou Dagnew - unable to attend Nov. 13 meeting
  5. Ayan Jeite
  6. Dawit Alemayehu
  7. Dora Jones
  8. Zenebu Abay



We will post recommendations produced by the committee in the 2019-20 school year.

Check CFAC news for ongoing updates and meeting reports during the school year.