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Architects Selected to Design Evergreen, Tyee & Pacific

Tyee High School entrance sign and school building

The 2016 bond included funds to jumpstart the designs of Evergreen and Tyee high schools and Pacific Middle School. The first step was to select architects for each school. Done! 

We advertised this spring for architectural firms to submit their qualifications to provide design services for these three schools. Nine firms responded. We interviewed three firms for Evergreen and Tyee high schools, and two firms for Pacific Middle School.

Final selections

Next Steps

  • Contracts will be negotiated with these firms to start the schematic design phase of each project.
  • Committees will be formed in 2019-20 to develop educational specifications for each school that drive the design work.
  • Additional design review committees will be formed to provide feedback during the design process.
  • A future school bond will need to be approved to complete the design process for the three schools and pay for construction.


Photos of Evergree, Tyee and Pacific aging buildings.