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Bond Buys New Schools, Paint, Roofing & More

Here is a progress report on projects big and small voters approved in the November 2016 bond.

New Schools on Schedule 

roofline of gym area emerging from Glacier Middle School construction site.

Contractors are building two new schools and improving the Olympic Interim School. Construction crews are back to work at full power after a 17-day strike that affected projects across the region. Our new schools are on schedule and within budget.

Architects nailed the concept and the design for a new Highline High School (HHS) and soon will begin drafting the construction documents. Watch for another HHS Ask-the-Architect community meeting this fall.

More School Designs in 2019

The early design processes for the Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific schools will kick off in 2019. We will reach out to form design review committees by late 2019 or early 2020. This bond pays for the design work. Building the schools will require a future bond, but having designs ready will jump start construction.

Summer was for Painting & Roofing

Did you know the 2016 school bond also paid for a summer’s worth of fresh paint and new roofs at aging facilities?

Thank you, voters!

Sylvester Middle School with freshly painted railings and building exterior.

Progress Report

See the status of each bond project, including the critical needs we just checked off our list, and what’s left to do:

Major Construction Projects

  • Des Moines Elementary School—in construction, opens fall 2019
  • Glacier Middle School—in construction, opens fall 2019
  • Olympic Interim School—in renovation, opens fall 2019
  • Highline High School—in design development, opens fall 2021

Major Design Projects

  • Evergreen High School—design process begins 2019
  • Tyee High School—design process begins 2019
  • Pacific Middle School—design process begins 2019

Build 13 Additional Elementary Classrooms at Existing Sites

Opening Fall 2019

  • White Center Heights Elementary, 4 classrooms
  • North Hill Elementary, 3 classrooms

Opening Fall 2020

  • Hilltop Elementary, 3 classrooms
  • McMicken Heights Elementary, 3 classrooms

Safety & Security Upgrades

The bond pays for safety and security upgrades. Here is an updated schedule:

Add Interior Deadbolt to Exterior-Facing Classroom Doors

Completed, summer 2018

  • New Start High School
  • Big Picture Schools
  • Beverly Park Elementary
  • Hilltop Elementary
  • Southern Heights Elementary
  • Des Moines Elementary

Upgrade Video Surveillance Systems 

In bid process, now scheduled for spring 2018 to fall 2019

Install Electronic Locks 

In bid process, now scheduled for spring 2018 to fall 2019

  • Activate or add card readers and automatic door locks to exterior entrances of all schools
  • Update interior classroom doors with electronic locks

We planned for these important safety and security upgrades to be in progress and partly completed by now. We hit an unexpected snag while pursuing state-contracted vendors, a route intended to speed up the process. The State Auditor’s Office informed us that the state contracts identified for these projects were not in compliance with state purchasing guidelines for installation.

It will take an estimated 12 weeks to go through a request for proposals (RFP) process. Then we can start installing electronic locks on classroom doors and school entrances and upgrading video surveillance systems.

Preplanning work and inventory of all doors and upgrade locations is complete.

Read more details about the safety and security upgrades.

Critical Needs Projects Completed

Prepping for a new roof at Salmon Creek site.


  • CHOICE Academy/Woodside site, roofing replacement
  • New Start High School/Salmon Creek site, roof replacement
  • Tyee High School, roof restoration
  • Evergreen Pool, south slope, roofing replacement
  • Mount Rainier Pool, roofing restoration & brick repairs
  • Central Office, roofing restoration

Interior Painting

We painted common areas, such as clinics, kitchens, staff rooms, main offices, all restrooms, cafeterias and more, in these schools:

Hilltop Elementary gets fresh interior paint in common areas.
  • Valley View Early Learning Center
  • Beverly Park Elementary School
  • Hilltop Elementary School
  • Seahurst Elementary School
  • Southern Heights Elementary School
  • Cascade Middle School
  • Chinook Middle School
  • Sylvester Middle School
  • Evergreen High School
  • Tyee High School
  • New Start High School—scheduled for September
  • Pacific Middle School—scheduled for September  
Freshly painted mural of cougar and building and trim on exterior of Cascade Middle School.

Exterior Painting

  • Cascade Middle School
  • Sylvester Middle School
  • Central Office

Replaced Play Surface Tiles

  • Madrona Elementary
  • Midway Elementary
  • North Hill Elementary
  • Parkside Elementary
  • Marvista Elementary
Midway Elementary Big Toy Play Tiles were replaced with new ones.

Other Projects

  • Camp Waskowitz, begin preliminary feasibility plan for septic drainfield
  • Energy upgrades, various sites
  • Tyee High School, installed new bleachers

Some additional facilities projects are planned. Some bond funds are also held in contingency for needs like emergency boiler replacements.

For more information on bond-funded projects, visit