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Student Voice: Safe, New Space Provides Opportunities & Purple Flowers

Student Voice: Safe, New Space Provides Opportunities & Purple Flowers
Student behind purple flowers in south HHS courtyard.

What is the value & impact of a new, modern school building?

“Safety-wise this school is a lot better than the old Highline High School. With automatically locking classroom doors, it was even hard to pull a senior prank.

The words I would use to describe the new building are: Gorgeous. Spacious.

The new College and Career Center is calming, relaxing and helpful. I just know I’m going to get help. It’s reliable. I don’t feel nervous asking for help.

Student standing by "CAREER" sign.

Earlier in the year, I was writing my personal statement, and I knew what I wanted to say, but had trouble putting thoughts on paper, so I went to the College and Career Center for help. They asked questions to help me make my personal statement better. I learned about myself from that and became more self aware. Then I began eating lunch in here. 

When I was at the old Highline, a lot of things were kind of broken, from the bathrooms to the chairs, tables and walls.  A new building is nicer to represent the school. We have a lot of opportunities here. Look at all this space. It’s a new start.

There are a lot of chairs plus cushioned ones. At first I thought no one would use them, but they actually get used a lot. And these tables, too. You’d be surprised. These chairs are actually pretty comfortable. You can even lay down on them.”

—Jason Bonilla, Highline High School, Class of 2022

Jason plans to attend Western Washington University. He works at Applebees and hopes to transfer to Applebees in Bellingham. He hasn’t decided if he wants to study engineering or music (piano).

His favorite views from the new building are from the third floor and outside in the spring when the purple flowers are blooming in the new landscaping. “I do like the purple flowers.”

Jason's answer is the fifth in our 2022 Highline Bond series spotlighting student voices to explain the value and impact of a new, modern school building.

Highline High School was constructed with funding from the 2016 school construction bond.

Find out more about the 2022 bond to rebuild Evergreen and Tyee high schools and Pacific Middle School and fund critical improvements districtwide—without raising the current tax rate. Did you know that capital funding measures require a 60 percent voter approval rate? Find out more about voting and the 2022 school bond.

2022 Bond

Student sitting in cushioned easy chair with desks behind.


Student and school staff member by Class of 2022 balloons


Student in upholstered chair



Student by basketball hoops in south courtyard of HHS