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Tech Levy Delivers: New Interactive Displays for Every Classroom

Tech Levy Delivers: New Interactive Displays for Every Classroom

The 2020 Technology Levy is funding new interactive display panels for every classroom before the start of next school year, and the deliveries have begun!

Teachers in classrooms and libraries throughout Highline are receiving the same display technology installed in our three newest schools, but on wheels.

In February, the school board approved $5.9 million in tech levy funds to replace the district's aging LCD/LED classroom projectors with more than 1,000 Promethean ActivPanels. This districtwide upgrade will bring the same technology that is already in boardrooms and high-tech industries around the world into our classrooms. Highline students will benefit from learning to use new technology and be better prepared for future jobs. 

These 86-inch touchscreen displays connect to staff or student devices. Students and teachers may interact with the device without a computer by drawing or writing on it with their finger. 

The Promethean displays come on a sturdy electric cart allowing teachers to raise and lower the panels to be accessible for younger students who may be seated on the floor at circle time. The wheels provide flexibility for moving the panels to small groups and eliminate the need to attach them to walls in older schools or detach them from the wall for maintenance.

This purchase includes a seven-year warranty and two years of professional development and technical support from a dedicated trainer. The trainer will help train school staff across the district in how to make best use of the new technology. They will support Highline's Teaching, Learning and Leadership department to integrate the use of the modern display panels in curriculum.

Highline's Technology Services staff have received and delivered nearly 200 Promethean ActivPanels to school libraries and classrooms as of April 20. They are on pace to install the new display panels in every classroom by July. School libraries received the first deliveries to introduce the new technology, and training has begun!

Technician Jerry Wolfe is leading the Technology Services teams who receive and deploy the Promethean ActivPanels in weekly batches, school by school. Staff from Promethean pull up in trucks and the Highline staff unload the giant cardboard boxes into the gym or cafeteria. The Promethean workers unbox the panels and attach them to the electric carts. Then the district technicians roll the panels to their assigned classrooms, plug them in and update the settings.

Wolfe is proud of the Technology Services team's work to manage this large-scale technology upgrade project and to bring the new panels to Highline students and teachers. He is also looking forward to retirement later this year after more than two decades with Highline Public Schools.

"I was excited to help plan out the logistics for this much-needed classroom technology upgrade. It's one of my grand finale projects this year," he said. "And we are certainly getting our steps in!"

Men unloading large box


Technicians posing for photo in gym with large boxes


Unboxing a row of large display screens


Two men moving a large rolling display panel in a gym


Two technicians setting up large display board in classroom