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Tyee Goes Vertical!

Tyee Goes Vertical!

Progress Report: New Tyee High School

Tyee Construction progress photo

February 22, 2024 photo of the first walls being built with concrete bricks.

Progress is getting visible and exciting at the new Tyee High School construction site where you can see the first walls rising into the air. The concrete block walls in the southwest corner of the site mark the spot for the performing arts/flexible space.

A lot of underground and ground-level work is nearing completion in other areas of the site, including installing plumbing and electrical, and pouring concrete for slab-on-grade floors.

Structural steel has arrived. It will start being erected with a crane this month.

While the new buildings are rectangular — not circular like the old ones — alumni can find comfort in knowing there are definitely some curving, circular shapes below where the new buildings will rise. The plumbing and electrical lines were coiled in striking patterns in early February, waiting for a membrane to protect them before the concrete pour.

Schedule & Budget Status

The Tyee High School replacement project is on schedule and within budget.

We expect the new school to open in September 2025. 

Major Activities Completed in 2024, So Far

Please refer to the New Tyee Buildings & Locations Key below to locate building zones A, B, C and D.

  • Portions of the concrete slab-on-grade floor were poured in the south part of area C, and concrete block walls rose above 10 feet high by the end of January.
  • Underground plumbing and electrical continued in the north part of area C.
  • Underground electrical work is near completion below the new Gym in area B.
  • Deep plumbing continued in part of area A.
  • Foundation footing work is continuing throughout area A.
  • Concrete foundations were poured for:
    • The remainder of area C
    • Area B (Gym, auxiliary gym and locker rooms)

What’s Next?

We are completing the footing foundations and stem walls in all areas, as well as the underground and in-slab electrical work in area A.

Structural steel will start being erected with a crane near the end of February, starting in the south part of area C.

We remain on target to open the new school in September 2025. We are working with Absher Construction to shorten the timeline further in advance of coordinating multiple school moves in the summer of 2025. We will move Tyee out of the Olympic Interim Site before we can move Pacific Middle School in, during its replacement.  

Priority Hire Program and Results

Last summer, Highline Public Schools entered into a Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) with the local trade unions for the Tyee High School replacement project. With support from King County, this agreement places a focus on local priority hire programs to build a more representative and reflective workforce on the Tyee High School project. King County Labor Equity Program staff are helping verify workers on site for Absher Construction and that their subcontractors are being successful with outreach, subcontracting, hiring, engaging apprentices and record-keeping. We are hiring a consultant, with King County grant funds, to take over much of this tracking and engagement.

Don't miss our news story about Tyee alum and Priority Hire Laborer John Taitano, Class of 2003. In the news post, we report the Priority Hire results to date by Absher Construction and its subcontractors.

For more information about Absher Construction’s priority hire opportunities, please contact Stephanie Caldwell, Absher’s director of diversity, equity and community engagement.

New TYEE Building Areas & Locations Key

The major building zones referred to in this progress report were developed by the contractor to phase the construction. These areas are A, B, C and D. These four building areas are fully connected and will surround a courtyard.

  • Area A (northeast) - Classrooms 
  • Area B (northwest) - Main gym, auxiliary gym and locker rooms
  • Area C (southwest) - Performing arts, career/technical education, kitchen and commons/cafeteria space
  • Area D (southeast) - Main office and library
Four building construction zones for new Tyee school: A, B, C and D parts of the project.

Areas A and D face east, toward the Valley Ridge playfields. Areas C and D face South 188th Street to the south. Chinook Middle School is west of Areas B and C.









See more photos and get details on the Tyee construction project page.