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Glacier is 75% Complete; Ready in Time for School

Project Update | New Middle School at Glacier Site

Bayley Construction crews are working weekends. We expect Glacier Middle School to be ready for students on the first day of school in September. Staff plan to move in as soon as possible in August. 

Current Activities

Construction (started March 14, 2018)

  • New perimeter fence is 25% installed.
  • Baseball/softball field and football/soccer field work continues.
  • Masonry veneer is completed on the west and south sides. It is 75% completed on the east and north sides.
  • Exterior metal siding and metal roofing work is in progress
  • Exterior insulation membrane system is 95% completed.
  • Drywall is 95% installed.
  • Acoustical ceiling grid is 75% installed.
  • Cabinetry is 60% completed.
  • Plumbing/electrical is nearly all roughed in. Workers are starting to install fixtures.
  • HVAC installation is 95% completed.
  • Telecommunications work is underway.
  • Kitchen equipment has been delivered and placed; it is being connected.

Project Information

  • Bayley Construction started an accelerated work schedule, which includes weekend work to recover lost time due to structural steel design delays.
  • A sign permit has been requested from the City of SeaTac for a readerboard sign in front of the new school.
  • We expect the project to reach substantial completion in early August. Our contractor is requesting additional approved weather-delayed days. We are negotiating between five to seven days of delay. 
  • Construction is approximately 75% completed.

Budget: $83,776,357.00 

Current Budget: $91,276,357.00 (includes expanded space for district dry/cold storage, eliminating continued rental fees)

Original: 125,000 s.f.
Current: 142,000 s.f.

Based on project reports submitted by Vanir Construction Management. Vanir is the program manager for the four major bond projects.

Project Information