Highline Public Schools
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Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Transportation FAQ

New to the bus?

  1. Arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled bus departure time.
  2. Need to cancel transportation? Call the Transportation office at 206-631-7502 to notify the driver.
  3. Students must get on and office the bus at assigned bus stop.
  4. If your student wishes to get on or off the bus at another stop, with a friend or due to a special situation, please send a note with the student. A copy of the note should go to the school office and the driver.
  5. Skateboards are allowed on the bus as long as they’re secured in a bag.
  6. There are also bus rider rules for your student to follow to help ensure a safe ride for everyone.

Why can't the bus stop in front of my house?

Stop locations are determined by legality, safety, and efficiency. The overwhelming consideration in determining the location of bus stops is the safety of our students. Certain situations, such as sharp curves or hills, are avoided so drivers will have a clear view of a stopped bus and will be able to stop in time. Stops are placed in locations where they will provide a safe and convenient location for the most students while helping us route our buses in the most efficient manner possible.

My child has special needs. Who do I contact to arrange for bus transportation?

The Special Services office is the first point of contact for your special needs student. You may contact them at 206-631-3009. Special program transportation is provided for AYP, Balance, ECEAP, ELL, Gifted and Special Education students.

Why does my child have to walk to school?

The State of Washington funds school districts for transportation of regular education elementary school age students living further than one mile from their service area school. It provides funding for transport of middle school age students living further than 1.5 miles from their service area school. And, it funds transport of high school age students living further than 2 miles from their service area school. Regular education students wishing to attend a school outside their residential service area are responsible for their own transportation. Safe Walking Route maps are provided to aid you in selecting a safe direction of travel to and from school for your student.

What is the danger zone around a school bus?

The Danger Zone is the space all around the school bus.  It extends out 10 feet (10 giant steps) in all directions.  The School Bus Driver cannot see you in this zone.  He or she cannot see you around the wheels either.  It is very dangerous to be in the Danger Zone. 

If you have to cross the road; 

  1. Make eye contact with the driver.
  2. Wait for the driver to signal you when it is safe to cross.
  3. Be sure it is safe - Look left, right, then left again.

Why can't my child board the bus at any bus stop?

It's the law. WAC 392-145-060 (State Law) requires the school bus driver to allow students to board and depart the bus only at his or her 'assigned' school bus stop or at their school.

Can my child ride a different bus, with a friend, or for a special situation?

Yes, with a written note. Highline requires a signed note from the parent/guardian/school administrator indicating the date and the alternate bus stop location desired. School administrators must sign each note before it is presented to the driver for alternate travel home. Students must present a signed note prior to boarding at a stop other than their own going to school. Students will only be transported to/from existing school bus stops.