Mrs. JB Jacobson-Beal



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Mrs. JB Jacobson-Beal

Hello My name is Mrs. JB short for Jacobson-Beal, 

I have been teaching at Beverly Park for 27 years now.  Beverly Park has one of the best gyms in the district.  Since we use to be Glendale Middle school, we have a bigger gym than most schools in the highline district for Elementary.  This is why we have a 59 foot rock wall that stretches all across the back wall, where years ago their were bleachers.  We are very proud of rock wall, since Beverly Park students and teacher funded the wall raising $4,500 dollars.  We use our wall for Winter stations and again in the spring we are getting ready for Field Day :) .

Every year we have a huge dance theme, we alternate Retro Week and Hoe Down themes.  Students look forward to these times since we also do fun stations along with them. 

I have three extra programs you can look into:  Morning Fit Club Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45-9:0. Friday morning Dare to Dance from 8:45-9:05. and our after school "PAC Team.

I have one son and two daughters, and 4 dogs and 2 cats. :)  I love to swim and play tennis, my favorite sport to teach is basketball, volleyball, striking activities, track and of course dance :).   These will be life time activites that the students will take with them to middle and highschool.  .  In between sport acitivities I try to fill my ciruculum with life time fun activities to keep our students engaged and having fun in Phyiscal Education.  

Come visit your childs Physical Education class anytime.  Also, look on calendar for these dates:  PE assemblies , and Field Day.