School Leadership

  • The four Instructional Leadership Executive Directors (ILED) supervise, strengthen and support the leadership of the school administrators (principals and assistant principals).  The ILEDs work alongside the principal for continuous improvement in teaching and learning, including the implementation of strong practices for accelerating student achievement and the cultivation of positive, productive school climates that nurture joyful, purposeful, and inclusive learning for all students. The ILEDs provide professional development to school leaders, engage in performance and evidence-based evaluations, and collaborate around the priorities of each school’s Annual Action Plan, in service of Highline Public School’s Strategic Plan.

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  • Instructional Leadership Executive Directors

    • Monitor, assess, evaluate and support schools’ needs and achievement to ensure the accountability of local schools within the district.
    • Engage In the development of Principal and Teacher professional development to promote and improve classroom teaching and learning.
    • Provide ongoing training and leadership development of Principals on matters related to school improvement and student achievement.
    • Work with Principals in the development, implementation, and evaluation of school improvement plans.