High School Success

  • The Secondary Success & College Readiness department provides support to schools to meet our strategic plan goal of 95% of our students graduating high school prepared to choose their future. All of our students will have a career in the future, and most of them will need some college to get there or along the way, either a technical certificate or a 2- or 4-year college (T24). The department ensures students know their options for a bright future and are prepared and confident in these T24 settings.  Learn more about us.
    The overarching goal in Highline's strategic plan is to have 19 out of 20 students graduate prepared to choose their future. We have many ways of supporting our students to ensure they succeed in high school and beyond.
    We believe the most effective way to empower students to become self-directed learners is to help them see the relevance of their education every single day.
    Students feel that school is relevant when they have engaging learning opportunities that recognize their strengths, help them catch up when they struggle, push them forward when they excel, help them build technical skills, and provide college- and career-like experiences in a supportive, culturally-responsive setting.


  • Janet Blanford
    Director of Secondary Success and College Readiness