Strategic Plan

  • OUR PROMISE: Every student in Highline Public Schools is known by name, strength and need, and graduates ready for college, career and citizenship.
    In 2013, parents, students, community members, and staff at all levels of the district came together to develop a four-year strategic plan that reflects our goals and dreams for our students.

    The companion instructional focus document guides the work of teachers districtwide. View the full report

    The strategic plan is built on Our Promise. It includes six big goals for Highline students.

    In 2017, we reached the target date set for most goals and began a process to update the strategic plan for the next five years.

    Based on feedback from staff and families, the updated plan will include a specific focus on the social and emotional needs of our students. Research shows a strong connection between  social-emotional well-being and academic success.

    Input from staff and families will be used to update the plan and refine the strategies that support each goal.

    Strategic Planning Process Timeline

    • Spring 2017
      • Listening session with teachers at every school
      • Listening session with central office staff
    • October 2017
    • November - December 2017
      • Analyze data from listening sessions and Thoughtexchange
      • Draft updated plan, based on data
    • January 2018
      • Share top themes in feedback from staff and families
      • Present draft plan to all staff and get feedback
      • Present draft plan to families and community and get feedback
      • Make any adjustments needed based on feedback
    • February 2018
      • School board adopts renewed strategic plan