Student Rights & Responsibilities | Positive Behavior Expectations

  • Purpose 

    In Highline Public Schools, we embrace high expectations for all our students in both academic achievement and in conduct. We all—Superintendent and principals, teachers and staff, families and students, the Highline community—have a shared responsibility to educate our students. We believe that all students can be successful when they know and understand these expectations.

    This website section outlines the rights and the responsibilities for all members of the Highline Public Schools community. It serves as a reference for students, families, and schools as we work together to ensure the safety of all students and staff and to maintain a positive learning environment.

    Together, we can support each student by name, strength, and need so that every student graduates prepared for college, career, and citizenship.


    In Highline…

    • We know our students and each other by name, strength, and need.
    • Each of our students has the potential to attain success. All students can succeed when we maintain high expectations and work together to provide a safe and supportive learning environment.
    • Students will achieve personal and academic success when taught and nurtured by a community of highly skilled and caring professionals.
    • Students and their families have the right to the tools necessary to successfully navigate and participate in their education.
    • We give our students the necessary skills to be contributing members of society by teaching and demonstrating self-discipline and social responsibility.
    • We are always learning, and we are most successful when we think deeply and reflect on our actions.
    • The diversity of our community is an asset that has a positive impact on our learning and working environment.

Rights and Responsibilities