Sixth Grade in Middle School

  • Sixth grade will be placed in middle school starting in September 2019. Highline's middle schools will serve sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, the most common middle school configuration in our state and nation. 
    Placing sixth grade in middle school supports our goals for students outlined in the strategic plan.
    In middle school, students have opportunities for higher level coursework, electives, arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities they do not have in elementary school. With three years in middle school, students will develop stronger relationships with their teachers and staff, in keeping with our promise to know every student by name, strength and need.

    Next Steps: 2018-19 Family Meetings & Planning

    Stay tuned for more information about the transition to sixth grade. Expect more meetings and information for families in fall 2019. 

    Spring 2018 Family Meetings & Presentation

    In spring 2018, we held family meetings in each service area and invited all fourth grade families to learn about the transition of sixth grade to middle school in fall 2019. Current fourth grade students go to middle school in sixth grade.
    Here is the presentation shared with families in spring 2018.

    Planning Began in 2015

    Planning for the sixth grade transition began back in 2015, with a team of staff and parents led by Diana Garcia, a longtime elementary and middle school principal in Highline. This initial effort paused when two bonds failed, but became the foundation work for the renewed planning effort in 2018 after the November 2016 bond passed.