Smarter Balanced Assessments

  • Top 5 Facts about Washington’s K-12 Learning Standards and Assessments:

    1. Real-world skills: Washington’s learning standards and assessments focus on real-world skills that students are learning and practicing in the classroom every day such as problem-solving, critical thinking and writing.

    2. Closing gaps: The assessments help identify achievement gaps and allow school districts and the state to place resources where they are needed the most.

    3. Testing is just one measure: State testing is one of several indicators; in combination with report cards, teacher feedback and classroom work used to create a complete picture of a student’s progress in school.

    4. The right stuff: Washington’s state learning standards and the aligned assessments are designed to prepare students for college, work, and life.

    5. Accessible for all students: The Smarter Balanced tests are designed to accommodate all students, including those with disabilities and English language learners.