• Welcome to 6th grade!
    We will be using Bloomz.net this year to share information and communicate with parents and families. Bloomz is a new website and app that works both on your computer as well as on your smartphone. You will receive quick updates and photos of class activities, be able to access our class calendar, and more. All in a private and secure environment.
    Please Join Us!
    1. Go to www. bloomz.net
    2. Tap Join Now
    3. Click Create Account
    4. Click Join a Class/Group
    5. Enter PTDMB3 in the Enter Invitation / Access Code text box
    6. Click Next
    7. Input your First Name & Last Name in Join Class screen
    8. Select your preferred language
    9. Input your Email
    10. Input Password (Minimum 8 characters with at least one number and one letter)
    11. Click Next 
    12. Input the Child Name in Which Child Attends? screen
    13. Click Add Another if you have more than one child attending that class
    14. Click Join Class