WELS Classic

  • Waskowitz Environmental Leadership School                                                                                    WELS Class 25
    WELS teaches high school students both academic and career skills through themes of leadership, environment and community. WELS is building on 14 years of history in the Highline School District to create new and comprehensive educational pathways for students.

    WELS is a full-time commitment for the entire year, and students will receive credit from instructors upon completion. The program provides a series of 6th grade outdoor school instruction, classroom internship, research, career exploration and outdoor adventure.
    Classwork, fieldwork and internships are a big part of WELS, and students will be leaders at Waskowitz for a total of 5-6 weeks over the entire year (see One Week Leadership). During these weeks, students leave for Outdoor School on Monday morning and return Friday afternoon.

    WELS Coursework includes English, Math, Science, Teaching Academy, and Leadership Electives (other coursework to be determined for Fall 2015 including PE and/or Sociology).
    For more information, please email Roberta.McFarland@highlineschools.org