WELS Seniors

  • Seniors continue their WELS pathway with enrollment in the PSSC/ VITAL program – allowing students to earn all the credits necessary for graduation. The VITAL program provides students the opportunity to retrieve missed credits from high school. This program advances the senior academically to prepare them for graduation.  All WELS seniors will be enrolled in VITAL for at least one semester.  This is to ensure they received all necessary requirements for graduation and to prepare them for the rigor in their college courses or career pathways.  Students who reach their graduation requirements in the first half of the year are candidates to spend the first half of their day enrolled in Running Start or are able to set up an internship to further prepare them for their 13th year plan. This is only permitted second semester and once all graduation requirements have been fulfilled.  

    The second half of the day all seniors are immersed in outdoor recreation leadership program classes and work based learning. These classes are advanced skills, providing the WELS student opportunities to take their academic success and apply it innovatively. Students are given opportunities to network within the community as well as to receive advanced certificates and skills working in Outdoor Recreational Leadership.