One Week Leaders (OWLS)

  • One Week Leaders (OWLS)OWL

    The OWL program allows high school students the chance to spend a week at Outdoor School working with 5th/6th grade teachers, their students, and program staff. During this week, they act as a cabin counselor, teacher's assistant, hike leader, table leader, and an overall role model. Interest in environmental stewardship and community service is a must for this leadership position! Leading games, hikes, songs, skits, and campfire help to build a sense of community and are often the most memorable experiences for the elementary students.

    This week is great fun, but it is also an intensive, professional learning experience and can be life-changing when leaders put forth energy, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, compassion, and hard work.

    High School Leaders must be in "good standing" at their home school to get permission from their teachers to be excused from class. Three leadership training weekends are offered during the year: one in late September, one in late February/early March, and one in late April. Students who complete the MANDATORY weekend training and their week of Outdoor School may receive credit for community service or .5 credit in Environmental Leadership or Careers in Education from their home high school.

    OWL **Age 15 and Sophomore status required (or older)**

    To be a One Week Leader please email
    and attend one of the following: 
    Leadership Training Weekends (LTWs) for 2017-2018:
    September 30-October 1, 2017
    March 3-4, 2018

    Returning Leaders:
    If you are a returning leader who has completed an LTW, you will NOT do the training a second time unless you have made special arrangements with Jacob! Simply e-mail Jacob and let him know you want to come up as a leader again.