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BA, Wellesley College

Linnea Fichter

Bienvenue! Welcome to French at Evergreen where isn't not just about the language, but everything that is influenced by Francophone culture. In the process of learning French, we

a. find connections between languages

b. understand English (almost 50% of our vocabulary is derived from French)

c. learn about history, particularly accidents of history that have big consequences for our lives (like, why do we speak English in the US and not French?)

d. explore other cultures in every corner of the world (because French is spoken, or was spoken, on every continent on earth)

e. discover art history, architecture, fashion and aestheic influences that French-speakers have brought to the artistic world

f. compare and contrast governments, philosophies, social welfare systems (like education and health care) in the US and in Francophone countries

e. have FUN!

We play games, listen to music, watch movies, eat, draw, and much, much more...! Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to learn.



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