Teaching Academy

About the Program

  • Teaching Academy (Future Teachers) is about changing lives and shaping the future.  This program will give you the tools you need to immediately become a teaching assistant after graduation, and you’ll have the chance to earn credit in a local college teacher education program to start on the path to becoming a teacher.

Meet the Instructor

  • Laura Lee-walrond Instructor: Laura Lee-Walrond

    Phone:  206.631.7334

    Email: laura.lee-walrond@highlineschools.org 


    I had a few teachers who saved my life and a few who changed it.  That’s what drew me to the profession of teaching, and it’s why I wanted in on the ground floor of PSSC’s Future Teachers program.  After teaching Junior High and High School for 12 years, I became a teachers’ coach and professional developer for teachers.  I worked with teachers in their own classrooms for another 12 years, and now I’m back to teaching in an a small high school and I’m loving it.  I LOVE this work that’s all about learning and growing human potential, and I can’t wait to share that with you!