This year, I am supporting Chinook teachers as an instructional coach with an emphasis on CTE. Our administrators, Karin Jones and Gil Parsons, have brought together a fabulous and dedicated team of teachers to build our CTE classes.
At Chinook, our middle school students have access to the following CTE electives.
 Course  Teacher
 Computer/Business & Tech Ed
 Stephanie Jordan
 Computer/Business & Tech Ed  Elizabeth Nelson
 Natural Resources & Conservation
 Chandrika Francis
We are very intentional as we build and plan our CTE classes. Through CTE, we provide an opportunity for our students to apply what they are learning in their language arts, math and science classes. We hope to increase collaboration and make learning more engaging by providing these classes for our students.
For more information about Chinook's CTE program, visit our site (which is currently under construction). 
I am also a member of the Blended Learning committee. The focus of this committee is to support teachers as they seamlessly integrate the use of the Chromebooks into teaching and learning.