High School Improvements

  • Last year, Highline held community conversations in all four high school service areas to get community input on high school improvements. Our goal is to ensure that all high schools provide students with access to the learning opportunities needed to prepare all students for further education. The conversations addressed:

    • The need to expand the opportunities for rigorous coursework in all schools, resulting in equity and parity across high schools in our system.
    • How to ensure students meet the new state Career- and College-Ready Graduation Requirements (also known as Core 24), which will increase the credit requirement to 24 credits starting with the class of 2021. 
    • Potential school schedule changes necessary to meet the new graduation requirements.
    In the Tyee and Evergreen service areas, there was a more intensive process to reflect on the past ten years of operating the small school model.

    Core planning teams of 40-60 individuals representative of the diverse constituencies and voices of Evergreen and Tyee met January though June. The core planning teams developed recommendations to ensure an equitable and rigorous high school experience for all students. The core planning teams provided opportunities for the whole community to have a voice in this process in community meetings.


  • Director of Secondary Initiatives
    AAA students in class.
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