College & Career Readiness Requirements

  • Washington State has updated requirements for high school graduation. The new Career- and College-Ready Graduation Requirements (also known as Core 24) increase the number of credits needed to graduate.

    Starting with the class of 2021, Highline students will need to earn a minimum of 24 credits to graduate. (If you plan to graduate before 2021, please check our graduation requirements page to see the graduation requirements that apply to you.)

    Our current six-period course schedule gives students limited opportunity to earn all the credits needed to graduate on time. We are considering alternative schedules that give students a chance to earn more credits and greater choice of electives.

    Options under consideration are:

    • Five-period trimester schedule (five class periods a day, three terms per year)
    • Four x eight block schedule (four periods a day, classes meet every other day, two terms per year)
    • Seven-period class schedule (seven periods a day, two terms per year)
    • Six-period class schedule with credit earning courses before and/or after the school day (two terms per year)

    A committee of teachers, counselors, school administrators and central office staff has been studying scheduling options. In March, the committee recommended the five-period trimester schedule.

    Read the recommendation report.

    Over the past year, we have been gathering input on course schedules. Last spring, nearly 1,500 people participated in a Thoughtexchange online conversation, and community meetings were held across the district.

    Learn more about the four schedule options being considered and give your feedback at a community meeting.


  • Director of Secondary Initiatives