• We are grateful to Highline voters for passing the first bond in ten years. This bond will give students room to learn in our growing district. We will have the classroom space we need to lower elementary class sizes, and students will be safer in every school in the district. We are committed to responsible bond spending. We will continue our track record completing every project on time and on budget.

Highline High School
New Elementary at Zenith
New Middle School at Glacier
Olympic Interim School  
  • Progress Reports Begin on 4 Major Projects

    March 23, 2017
    Check out the first project updates posted for each of the four major bond projects. We will post monthly status reports and send an e-newsletter documenting our progress. Read the highlights here.

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  • HHS Plans for a New Future

    Highline High School | Update | March 23, 2017
    Bassetti Architects met with staff from Highline High School to begin preparing the educational specifications of the new school building. As part of this effort, Frank Locker of Frank Locker Educational Planning conducted a two-day visioning workshop with staff, students, community members, and architects.

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  • Getting Olympic Ready for HHS Students

    Olympic Interim School | Update | March 23, 2017
    The project team is assessing the current conditions of the Olympic buildings and site. They scheduled a conference with the City of Des Moines to discuss the status of proposed improvements to make it suitable for housing students from Highline High School from September 2018 through June 2021.

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  • Des Moines Staff Starts Work on School Specs

    New Elementary at Zenith | Update | March 23, 2017
    Hutteball & Oremus Architecture representatives met with a group of staff from Des Moines Elementary to begin preparing the educational specifications for the new school. The group also toured four other elementary schools in the district. See site map and construction timeline.

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  • Planning Begins for New Middle School at Glacier

    New Middle School at Glacier | Update | March 23, 2017
    The architects, the project team, and district staff are conducting meetings to finalize the educational specifications for the new middle school at the Glacier site. A cost model is being completed, and a construction timeline has been released.

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  • Design Review Committees forming, respond by March 1

    Are you interested in serving on one of the design review committees to assist in planning for the three major projects being built with 2016 bond funds? School knowledge, a positive attitude, and dedication to the collaborative process of building a school that fits its function, setting, and community will be valuable.

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  • Architects and Engineers Chosen For Major Projects

    The architecture and engineering firms designing the three major construction projects are Bassetti Architects, Integrus Architecture, Inc., and Hutteball & Oremus. See some of their previous work.

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  • Project Management Firm Selected

    Highline has selected Vanir Construction Management, Inc. to provide program, project and construction management services for the 2016 Capital Improvement Program. Vanir was ranked number one in Highline’s selection process. Vanir will manage three major bond projects, including a new elementary school, a new middle school, and the replacement of Highline High School.

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  • Electronic Door Locks Coming Soon

    The bond funds electronic door locks on each classroom door in the district. We are currently comparing electronic lock systems. We will pilot electronic door locks at White Center Heights Elementary this spring. We expect all door locks to be installed well before the end of the 2017-18 school year, with a goal of installation being completed at most sites this summer.

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  • Bond Passes with 67 Percent Yes Vote

    We are jumping for joy! The Highline bond has passed, with 66.99 percent voting in favor. The bond provides our students with safer schools and room to learn.

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  • Students Thank Community for Overwhelming Yes Vote

    Our students have a lot to be thankful for this year. Thanks to the community, our school construction bond has passed, with a yes vote of nearly 67 percent. Passage of the bond sends a clear message to our students that the community believes in them and wants them to succeed.

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  • Highline Takes First Step Toward New Schools & Safety Upgrades

    Highline voters approved the sale of $299 million in school construction bonds last November, and today the first set of bonds was sold. The $236.8 million proceeds will fund a majority of the school construction and improvement projects in the bond package.

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