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Michael Bento - Librarian
Molly Verbon -  Library Technician
Janet Escoto - Library Technician

Library Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:15 - 3:40
Friday 8:15 - 1:40
206 631-3810
Gregory Heights Library Policies 
Kindergarten, First grade students: One book limit
Second grade students: Two book limit 
Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grade students: Three book limit
Gregory Heights parents are welcome to register in the library and check out books for their children. 
Loan Period
Library books are checked out to students for seven days 
Students may return books early and checkout other materials or renew books for another week if desired.
Overdue books may impact the student's ability to checkout and borrow new books 
Lost or Damaged Books
If  a library book is damaged or lost, the book must be paid for. The replacement cost of the book is noted in overdue notices sent home. Exact cash or a check (made out Gregory Heights) is preferable and may be brought to the library. The payment is refundable if a lost book is found and returned.
At the end of the school year, students with unpaid or unresolved book fines will not receive their final report card.
Library Classes
All students visit the library with their class once a week.
Lessons are taught in library with an emphasis on promoting reading skills and the joy of  books and reading. Book sharing and read aloud is integral to library lessons. Lesson units may also include internet safety and digital awareness, library organization and independent book selection, research skills, use of reference materials and technology skills. 
All classes are given the opportunity to check out books in their weekly library class as well. 

KCLS/Highline Student Accounts
posted by Michael Bento 10/28/16

In library classes with grades 3-6, I have been reviewing the student accounts the King County Library system has set up for all HSD students. This was established last year by KCLS  and provides our students with the opportunity to check out eBooks, audio books, view educational websites and more, from any home or school device. No fines or overdue fees will accrue in this system and there are lots of choices.

The KCLS student portal can be accessed through the GH library web page under “Learning Links”

Student accounts are 10 digits: 401 plus the student S-number (student ID). The PIN is the last four digits of the student ID. I have found most students have these S-numbers memorized. Please feel free to contact me if more information or help is needed.