•    Hazel Valley students love books!
    Our school library has over 14,000 books. There is something for everybody.
     several students sit at desks reading         two boys st on bench in library and read      

     students sit together in reading corner of library reading the same book       four boys sit in the library cave reading together       
    We are here to help all our readers find a good book:
    Ms. Marsten and Ms. Whitman
    Library Tech Assistants
           student seated on floor reading book
    Every student comes to library class once a week. We read together, learn how to find good books and check out books. First - sixth graders will check out books during the first week of school. Kindergarteners will learn about caring for books and how to find a book that interests them. Later in the year they will check out a book to read in the classroom. When books are returned to library, students may check out new titles.
    In addition to library books, remember to read MyOn books.