Book-Up Summer

Hilltop will be participating in the Page Ahead Children's Literacy program called Book-UP. In May, all K-2 students will be able to choose 12 books, totally free and their's to keep! May 18th there will be a family information time from 3:15-4:00 in the library. During this time, you may also look at the books with your students and help them with ideas about what books might be best for them to choose.

Please check the weekly schedule below and help your student remember to return their library book,on their library day, so they are able to check out new books.  

6th #36th #1    6th #2 5th #2 6th #4 
5th #1 Hylander 5th #3 McKernan Noyes 
Brennan Rezusta Brown Hines Koziol 
Gil Popich Duarte Carter Gutierrez 
Preschool Newton Prkut Xiong Morris 
5th and 6th grade students are in "cohorts" to better facilitate band students.

Remind students to keep their books in a safe place. If library books are lost or damaged, district policy states that they must be paid for.

A huge thank you to the following organizations,
for their generous contributions to Hilltop's library:

Highline Schools for Excellence
MAD Grant 
Boulevard Park Guild
Donors Choose Participants
Secretary of State-Washing State Library STEM Grant

Terre Salzer