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  • Des Moines Students are Learning to Crack the Code

    Posted by Karen Smith on 12/13/2017

    Hour of Code Des Moines students participated in the Hour of Code activities that were highlighted in many schools across the nation and around the world.   This activity is highly engaging and very motivating for our students.


    Coding is the term used for computer programming and helps students gain knowledge and experience about how computers work.  There are many different game-like lessons for them to navigate; Des Moines students are working with programming using the 'block' format.


    Hour of Code activities are available year-round and can be used on any internet-accessible device, including iPads and smartphones.  There are varying levels of difficulty, depending on grade level, and even programs for pre-readers. 


    Click on the Hour of Code logo above to launch the program.  Remember, there are other learning activity websites on the Learning Links page to try, including Code Studio which was introduced to students last school year.


     Learning links section is accessible on the left side of the screen on this library page.  Have fun!

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  • Yee-Haw! Scholastic Book fair Arriving November 17th!

    Posted by Karen Smith on 10/30/2017

    Wild West Bookfair 2017

    Scholastic Bookfair will be at Des Moines November 17, 20-21, in the gym.


    The newest Diary of Wimpy Kid - #12 The Getaway - will be available in paperback, for $9.89, which includes the sales tax if you want to start saving toward the purchase.   There will be many other books to excite any reader young and old and everyone in between.  Volunteers to help the book fair are still needed.  Be sure to check the Des Moines Peachjar for more information.  


    About 40% of the sale profits are used to support our school library.  Last year, Mrs. Smith was able to add many popular titles including various 'graphic novels' like Smile, Ghost, Drama, Sisters, Babysitter's Club, Dogman, along with updated nonfiction titles on animals and military, just to name a few.


    Sometimes popular titles are sold-out quickly.  In this case, there will be pre-paid orders taken at the book fair and Mrs. Smith will order from Scholastic Warehouse directly.  Books will then arrive to those students within a week. 


    Online orders - with hundreds of more titles not available at the school book fair - is also available.  You can choose to have orders sent to school (free shipping) or directly to your home for an additional fee.


    Click on the Wild West Bookfair logo above to view the book fair brochure.  Covers that are pictured with an 'arrow' inside a small purple circle means there's a short book trailer (or commercial - mini movie) highlighting that book.  Click and learn more about that title!  Paper versions of this will go home in Dolphin folders soon.   


    See you at the book fair!

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  • Can You Name 34 Different Community Jobs in this Picture?

    Posted by Karen Smith on 10/9/2017

    Community Jobs

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  • New Way of Finding Books

    Posted by Karen Smith on 9/19/2017

    The Everybody (or Picture) Books Section has changed this year.  These books have been labeled and organized by themes (or genre) that closely resembles the way the children's books are arranged at the King County Library System.


    It is hopeful that students will be able to find the stories that they enjoy more quickly and easily, as well as helping them to become independent library users.  By using the same category names and label colors for each of the sections that KCLS has created, students should also be able to find similar stories they are looking for at any of the KCLS locations, including KCLS-Des Moines.

    Our World Book Section Concepts Book Section Early Chapters Section

    Here are the 14 sections along with a short description of each category:


    Animals --> fiction stories with animals as main characters

    Bedtime --> great reads before bedtime

    Concepts --> stories that explore concepts like ABC's, shapes, colors and more

    Dinosaurs --> fiction stories with dinosaurs as main characters

    Early Chapters --> shorter chapter books to help readers grow to understand longer stories

    Famous Friends --> stories with our favorite book characters

    Feelings --> stories about characters dealing with feelings like sadness, happiness, jealousy and more

    Life Issues --> stories with characters dealing with life challenges, behavior choices and more

    picture book labels more picture book labels additional picture book labels

    Our World --> stories that reflect our culturally diverse world

    Rhymes & Songs --> stories that rhyme and songs written in story format

    Science & Nature --> stories that have math, science or nature as a theme or setting

    Sparkly --> stories about royalty, castles, knights, dragons and more

    Stories --> books that don't fall into a specific category but are still great to read and enjoy

    Things That Go --> fiction stories with cars, trucks, trains, rockets, boats and planes


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  • Welcome Back Dolphin Readers!

    Posted by Karen Smith on 8/28/2017

    Many library friends are anxious for students to return to school!  

    Library characters Display

    Mrs. Smith is looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your summer adventures and all the wonderful books you've read.  Be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions about Library Policies and Procedures to reacquaint yourself to library expectations.  The information can be found on the left side of the screen with other section headings.


    If you and/or your family have any questions that come up during the school year, please email Mrs. Smith by clicking on the link at top of this page or send a note to school. Responses will be delivered as quickly as possible.  See you soon!

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  • All Library Books Due June 2-16

    Posted by Karen Smith on 5/16/2017

    Librarian at Circ Desk

    End-of-the-School-Year is approaching fast.  It is time to get the books back on the library shelves and organized for the summer.  The last day for student checkout will be June 1st.

    Mrs. Smith will be distributing reminders to students who still need to return books.  If you receive a reminder, please take care of it quickly so that the library record can be cleared.  

    Sometimes, book(s) are found/returned in the time between notice written and when it is delivered at home.  Should you feel that there is an error, please contact Mrs. Smith via email or send a note to school.  Mrs. Smith will respond as soon as possible.

    In accordance to Highline School Board Policy #3520 and Revised Code of Washington (R.C.W.) #28A.635.060, students who owe school fines, including for lost library books, report cards will be withheld in school office until situation is resolved.  If book(s) is lost, replacement cost will be charged. 

    Fortunately, many of the students at Des Moines have shown great responsibility with their library books all year.   Keep up the good work and get those books back to the library before the last day of school - June 16!

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  • Learning about Nutrition and Healthy Eating in Library Classes

    Posted by Karen Smith on 3/23/2017

    Beginning the week of April 10th, primary students in grades K-3, along with Ms. Burtt's class, will be hearing some fun, food-themed stories during their weekly library time.  They will be learning about nutrition and healthy eating in accordance with the MyPlate Guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

    My Plate Guideline


    Good nutrition helps your body stay healthy and function during the day.  Not only do people need to think about making good food choices but to think about how much of those foods you really need to eat.  A healthy meal starts with more vegetables and fruits, and smaller portions of protein and grains.  Yes, even too much of the good foods can lead to over eating.  It is all about portion sizes for each category.


    For more information, visit www.choosemyplate.gov

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  • Spirit Week: Celebrating Reading with Fun and Laughter

    Posted by Karen Smith on 3/7/2017

    Things were crazy, that's for sure.  Celebrating reading with a week filled with a Dr. Seuss theme was  a lot of fun!  So many happy, smiling, enthusiastic students participating was wonderful.  A number of students have expressed an encore for next year, so stay tuned.


    Here are a couple of photos from the week:  Mrs. Smith was Geraldine McGrew who ran the zoo; Mrs. Kesterson's 4th graders had their favorite stuffed animals join in on story time in library.  Of course, many wore crazy socks in honor of the Fox in Socks!

    Geraldine McGrew crazy socks

    library zoo

    Wacky Wednesday featured crazy hair and mixed up clothes, too!

    Mrs. Smith was Cat in the Hat and found Thing 2 in Ms. Sikma's kindergarten class.  But where was Thing 1?  Perhaps it was hiding with the Fish in the Pot?

    wacky Wednesday Mrs Smith Cat in the hat

    Remember, reading should be celebrated EVERY DAY!

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  • Celebrate Dr. Seuss with Read Across America Spirit Week - February 27 to March 3

    Posted by Karen Smith on 2/9/2017

    Read Across America Spirit Week

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  • New Books Have Arrived!

    Posted by Karen Smith on 1/25/2017

    Thanks to your support at the Scholastic Bookfair, Des Moines students will have much to smile about when they see these new books!  Our school received a portion of the sales to purchase new titles.  Over $1000 worth of new books will be available for checkout soon. 

    new books new books new books new books

    These are just a few of the popular titles that students have been asking for including Graphic Novels (some people think of them as 'comic books') like Sisters, Ghosts, Drama, Smile, Babysitter's Club, Amulet; plus new Spirit Animals Fall of the Beasts, Choose your own adventure books that puts reader in suspenseful situations on a quest to survive... 


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