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  • All Library Books Due June 2-16

    Posted by Karen Smith at 5/16/2017

    Librarian at Circ Desk

    End-of-the-School-Year is approaching fast.  It is time to get the books back on the library shelves and organized for the summer.  The last day for student checkout will be June 1st.


    Mrs. Smith will be distributing reminders to students who still need to return books.  If you recieve a reminder, please take care of it quickly so that the library record can be cleared.  


    Sometimes, book(s) are found/returned in the time between notice written and when it is delivered at home.  Should you feel that there is an error, please contact Mrs. Smith via email or send a note to school.  Mrs. Smith will respond as soon as possible.


    In accordance to Highline School Board Policy #3520 and Revised Code of Washington (R.C.W.) #28A.635.060, students who owe school fines, including for lost library books, report cards will be withheld in school office until situation is resolved.  If book(s) is lost, replacement cost will be charged.


    Fortunately, many of the students at Des Moines have shown great responsibility with their library books all year.   Keep up the good work and get those books back to the library before the last day of school - June 16th!

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  • Learning about Nutrition and Healthy Eating in Library Classes

    Posted by Karen Smith at 3/23/2017

    Beginning the week of April 10th, primary students in grades K-3, along with Ms. Burtt's class, will be hearing some fun, food-themed stories during their weekly library time.  They will be learning about nutrition and healthy eating in accordance with the MyPlate Guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

    My Plate Guideline


    Good nutrition helps your body stay healthy and function during the day.  Not only do people need to think about making good food choices but to think about how much of those foods you really need to eat.  A healthy meal starts with more vegetables and fruits, and smaller portions of protein and grains.  Yes, even too much of the good foods can lead to over eating.  It is all about portion sizes for each category.


    For more information, visit www.choosemyplate.gov

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  • Spirit Week: Celebrating Reading with Fun and Laughter

    Posted by Karen Smith at 3/7/2017

    Things were crazy, that's for sure.  Celebrating reading with a week filled with a Dr. Seuss theme was  a lot of fun!  So many happy, smiling, enthusiastic students participating was wonderful.  A number of students have expressed an encore for next year, so stay tuned.


    Here are a couple of photos from the week:  Mrs. Smith was Geraldine McGrew who ran the zoo; Mrs. Kesterson's 4th graders had their favorite stuffed animals join in on story time in library.  Of course, many wore crazy socks in honor of the Fox in Socks!

    Geraldine McGrew crazy socks

    library zoo

    Wacky Wednesday featured crazy hair and mixed up clothes, too!

    Mrs. Smith was Cat in the Hat and found Thing 2 in Ms. Sikma's kindergarten class.  But where was Thing 1?  Perhaps it was hiding with the Fish in the Pot?

    wacky Wednesday Mrs Smith Cat in the hat

    Remember, reading should be celebrated EVERY DAY!

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  • Celebrate Dr. Seuss with Read Across America Spirit Week - February 27 to March 3

    Posted by Karen Smith at 2/9/2017

    Read Across America Spirit Week

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  • New Books Have Arrived!

    Posted by Karen Smith at 1/25/2017

    Thanks to your support at the Scholastic Bookfair, Des Moines students will have much to smile about when they see these new books!  Our school received a portion of the sales to purchase new titles.  Over $1000 worth of new books will be available for checkout soon. 

    new books new books new books new books

    These are just a few of the popular titles that students have been asking for including Graphic Novels (some people think of them as 'comic books') like Sisters, Ghosts, Drama, Smile, Babysitter's Club, Amulet; plus new Spirit Animals Fall of the Beasts, Choose your own adventure books that puts reader in suspenseful situations on a quest to survive... 


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  • Learning to Code

    Posted by Karen Smith at 11/21/2016

    In today's ever-changing world of technology, it is becoming increasingly important for students to understand how and why these tools work the way that they do.


    Through an organization called CODE.ORG, students will have opportunities to learn the process of "coding", or computer programming, through a series of self-pacedlessons to help them experience a bit of computer science.


    During the month of December, students will be able to work through these lessons during their weekly library class times.


    Students are welcomed to work on these activities at home with an internet-compatible device, such as desktop computer, laptop, i-pad.  Just click on one of the CODE.ORG logo below which will take you to that website.  It is best to do each lesson in order as the skills build upon each other increasing levels of difficulty.


    Course 1  (Blue box) is best suited for younger students, grades K-2.  

    Course 2  (Grey Box) is best for grades 3-4 (grades 5-6 with little or no prior experience).  

    Course 3  (Purple Box) is best suited for grades 5-6 with prior coding experience as the pacing through lessons is a bit faster.



     COURSE 1                                                 

    code dot org course 1     code dot org course 2

                                              COURSE 2  

    code dot org course 3 COURSE 3            

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  • Online Bookfair Starts November 15th!

    Posted by Karen Smith at 11/4/2016

    Our school bookfair arrives on November 18th and will contain only a sample of what Scholastic Book Publishers have to offer.  Starting on Tuesday, November 15, families will have an opportunity to purchase books from the online warehouse through a special bookfar website. 

    The Online Bookfair is open from November 15-December 3.   FREE shipping to Des Moines Elementary - and will be delivered to your child unless you contact Mrs. Smith for delivery instructions.  Orders can be shipped directly to your home for an additional fee. 

     Online Bookfair

    By clicking on the bookfair icon, you will be able to select and purchase books for all ages, reading levels and interests.  After clicking on icon, scroll down to the "Shop Online" section and click "Shop Now".  As with the at-school bookfair, all sales will count toward new books for our school library. 

    The at-school bookfair is open Friday, November 18 from 2:15-7PM; Monday, November 21 from 9 AM-7 PM and Tuesday, November, 22 from 9 AM-5 PM.  Volunteers are still needed!  Contact the school if you're able to help.


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  • Discover U Returns to Des Moines School Library October 17-22!

    Posted by Karen Smith at 10/13/2016

    As part of Highline Public Schools quest that every student will graduate prepared for 'College, Career and Citizenship', students will have various opportunities to discover, explore and start thinking about their future.  Yes, college really does begin in kindergarten! 


    Granted what a 5-year-old envisions him/herself doing when they grow up may be vastly different than the dream of an 18-year-old high school graduate.  But, the idea around the King County Road Map Project's Discover U program is to get students thinking and talking about what jobs/careers excite them and realize that the work they are doing in class today will help to prepare them for these future goals.  


    Students will have some time during their library classes this week to pause and reflect on what life after high school might look like for them.


    Be sure to check out the Exploring Careers and Exploring Colleges links on this library webpage for additional information and resource activities.

    Discover U


     In 2014, the Highline Schools Foundation for Excellence awarded a grant for our school library to purchase many books on different careers.  They are continually checked out and enjoyed by our students.  Plans are in the works to add additional titles on different careers soon.

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  • It's That Time of Year Again -- Camp Waskowitz!

    Posted by Karen Smith at 10/3/2016

    One of my favorite times of the school year when 6th graders make the annual trek to a very magical, special, inspiring place nestled in the Snoqualmie Forest outside of North Bend known simply as WASKOWITZ.


    I attended as a student during my 5th and 6th grade years -- yes, I was lucky to go twice!  As a 5th grader, I attended Valley View Elementary and during those years, the school went every OTHER year, with 5th and 6th grade.  Then the following year, I transferred to Bow Lake Elementary and like most schools, their students attended each year as 6th graders.  In fact, my 6th grade class was there when the Lookout Tower arrived, suspended by cable as it was plucked off it's perch on Stampede Pass and transported to Camp Waskowitz prior to being placed in its permanent resting spot within the 300 acres.  Students often hike there and on a clear day, the view of North Bend and surrounding areas is amazing.


     I also returned as a leader in high school, as well as working a few years as a senior counselor for a gymnastics camp that was held at Camp Waskowitz each July.  As a teacher/librarian, I relish the opportunity to make a visit each year while my school is there. 


    Prior to the 6th graders visit, I share with them the rich history of Camp Waskowitz, from it's early days as a Civilian Corps Camp -- CCC North Bend 2911 -- in the 1930's; to the unwavering dedication of a former Highline High School teacher, later Highline School District Superientendent, by the name of Carl Jensen, whose dream was to create an outdoor educational camp for students; to a former University Washington student, football player, 1st Lt. US Army Air Forces War Hero by the name of Frank 'Fritz' Waskowitz... how this special place continues to make lifelong memories for the thousands of students who attend camp every year.  


    A former Camp Waskowitz student and leader named Jason Gayler recently produced a video showing Camp Waskowitz using a drone.   For those who have never been and curious what the main camp looks like, here's a glimpse.  For those who have attended in years past, perhaps it will spark a special memory for you.  Click on the Camp Waskowitz picture for the video.  Enjoy!  

    Camp Waskowitz Sign

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  • Welcome Back Dolphin Readers!

    Posted by Karen Smith at 8/19/2016

    School starts on Thursday, September 1st.  There will be a back-to-school, meet-n-greet starting at 3:45 on Wednesday, August 31st. Be sure to stop by the library and say "hello!".  I would love to see you!   There will be an ice-cream social provided by Des Moines fabulous PTSA from 4:30-6. 

    I hope each of you have been reading all summer.  Did you participate in the King County Library Summer Program?  I'm looking forward to hearing about the stories you've read and even about your summer events.  The great thing about reading is that it can take you places, even when you're at home.  You could go down the Mississippi River with Huckleberry Finn... travel around the world, even back in time with Jack and Annie in their magical tree house... so many possibilities, so many choices.

    There will be lots of new books put out on the shelves this fall that I know you will be excited about.  Be prepared for surprises!

    In the mean time, be sure to figure out a safe place for your library books this year.  Will it be a special shelf? a designated basket?  or simply put into your backpack after each time you read?  Returning books on time is not only showing you can be responsible, but also being respectful so that others can enjoy reading that book too.

    See you soon!



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