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Welcome to the Shorewood Elementary School Library 
Contact Information 
(206) 631-4911
Sarah Gasamis, Teacher Librarian
Sonja Anderson, Library Technician  
Library Hours
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Closed 12:15 - 1:00 for Lunch 
Library Class Schedule
Monday:  Boren (5th), Moody (4th),  Walls (2nd),  Gutt (1st), Remson (K)
Tuesday:  Reardon (5/6), Plough (3/4), Gustafson (3rd), Elliott (2nd), Ratliff (K)
Wednesday:  Gordon (5th), O'Ferrall (4th), Lee (3rd), Tracy (2nd/3rd), Costinett (1st), Gardner (K)
Thursday:  Torstenbo (6th), Bellemans (4th/5th), Childs (3rd), Solis (2nd), Lin (1st), Ramos (K)
Friday:  Floodeen (6th), Smith/Peterson (3-6), Hardy (K-2)
Library Policies 
GroupBorrowing LimitBorrowing Period
Grade K
5 books/items
(build up to 5 over school year)
5 school days
Grade 1 - 65 books/items10 school days
Parents are invited to set up their own borrowing accounts if they wish to check out books from Shorewood Library.

Students are responsible for the books that they borrow. Any books that are lost or damaged must be paid for before borrowing privileges are restored.

Notices will be sent to students whose books are overdue. Bills for the replacement cost will be sent to students whose books are overdue by more than one month.