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Become a Highline Partner

We recommend starting the community partnership process at least two months before the start of programming. All partnership agreements must be finalized before the start of programming. If you are a new partner, start at step one. For returning partners, start at step three. All forms can be found on the 'Forms' tab. 

For questions or to submit forms, please contact Nikki Fogerty at 206-631-3124. 

New Partner: Approximately 9 Weeks
Returning Partner: Approximately 6 Weeks

Steps to District Partnership

For new partners: Step 1

Make a connection with a school and the district to share program information and goals. 
Approximately 1-2 weeks

Step 2

Partner has meeting with school principal and district staff to work out details (i.e. time, space, dates).
Approximately 1 week

For all partners: Step 3

Partner completes out Partnership Agreement (PA) template and submits Certificate of Liability insurance (COI). 
Approximately 1 week

Step 4

Partnership team reviews the PA and COI (may include back and forth edits with partner).
Approximately 1 week

Step 5

Final version signed by Partner signing authority and sent to Community Partnership Specialist (with updated COI if necessary)
Time depends on partner

Step 6a

PA and COI goes for final review with Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer. 

Step 6b

Additional signatures may be needed
Approximately 1-2 weeks

Step 7

If there is a cost for the program, a purchase order will be set up by the school office. 
Please allow 2 weeks

Step 8

Send all invoices to school office manager unless otherwise directed.

Partnership Forms

Counseling Forms