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Community Partnership Report

Highline Public Schools values strong partnerships. We cannot do this work alone. We are better when students, families, educators and community work hand-in-hand. We are lucky to have partners that share their amazing expertise and programming.

Many of these partners come on to schools grounds to work directly with our students. These partners require a partnership agreement. Currently we have partnership agreements with 75 different partners. Our partnerships have grown by 60 percent since 2015-16.  

Community partners and partnership agreements are managed under the department of Student Support and Family Engagement by Nikki Fogerty, Community Partnership Specialist with support by Kisa Hendrickson, our Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer.

In this report, organizations with partnership agreements are documented. We show the amount, growth, program type, breakdown by service area, and highlights of their work.

Printable Report

Partnership Information

Program Highlights

Students participating in Choose 180.

Choose 180

Students Served: 65
Schools Served: 4
Highlight of your work this year: One of the highlights this year has been working with Highline High School to support two young people who were at risk of suspension as a result of their involvement in perpetrating hate speech on campus. Through their engagement, the students participated in transformative conversations about race, privilege and social justice.
Strength of your partnership with Highline: Through our work we have been able to build strong relationships with both the students and the staff which has been a terrific asset in helping bridge connections between them. The students have benefited from the space we create is structured to amplify their voice which helps them set goals while building a self-lead strategy to reach them.

Navos Participants


Students Served: 500
Schools Served: 16
Highlight of your work this year: The facilitation of the Latina Girls group at Mount View Elementary has been a highlight. We all appreciate the open lines of communication with school staff to ensure students connect with mental health support. Schools value our services to students and work hard to make sure our staff had adequate confidential space to meet with students.
Strength of your partnership with Highline: The quarterly meetings we have with the Highline district team are a strength. We appreciate and value the collaborative spirit of these meetings.

Student working on a science project


Students Served: 296
Schools Served: 11
Highlight of your work this year: The girls at Cascade Middle School visited Amazon and Valve for their field trips. During the Amazon trip, they learned about Amazon’s many robots used at their warehouses and designed their own. They also worked with UX designers to analyze the Amazon website.
Strength of your partnership with Highline: Integration with district-level planning. Because the Techbridge Girls partnership is coordinated at the district level, Highline Public Schools staff guide and accelerate our expansion, enabling us to serve more girls each year.

Students sitting.

Communities in Schools

Students Served: 1290
Schools Served: 3
Highlight of your work this year: A highlight of our work this year has been relationships with students. One student in particular is Yasmine. Yasmine and I met outside one day as I was speaking French to a couple of students. She was in awe as she stated “oh my god I didn’t know you speak French! I always see you around. Are you a teacher?’  From that day on, Yasmine comes to my desk to check in everyday and eventually turned in her case management permission slip. As the weeks went on Yasmine was getting into fights, skipping class and failing all of her classes. Besides building a relationship with Yasmine, I also built a relationship with her mom who is from West Africa. Her mom was very worried that Yasmine was going on the wrong path. For weeks, Yasmine and I worked on a plan where she worked on missing assignments, stayed after school and tried to stay out of trouble. Right now Yasmine is passing all of her classes except one, which she is working on getting that grade up.
Strength of your partnership with Highline: Strengths of our partnership are relationship development with students, families, school staff, teachers, counselors, and administration, development of partnership with outside resources (i.e Mary's Place) and collaboration with social worker team and partnership team at Highline.

Students in the FEEST Program at Tyee.


Students Served: 194
Schools Served: 2
Highlight of your work this year: We heard from hundreds of students about their experiences with school food and improvements they'd like to see implemented. We collaborated with Nutrition Services to add six youth-created recipes to the district lunch menu and implement new culturally relevant items on the menu every week.
Strength of your partnership with Highline: This year, we’ve deepened our partnerships with teachers, students and administrators in the Tyee and Evergreen communities, and have expanded the breadth of our connection to include a broad range of partners and collaborators.

Students playing the drum

Arts Corps

Students Served: 1676
Schools Served: 9
Highlight of your work this year: Our Creative Schools Learning and Belonging program has had the wonderful opportunity of serving Hazel Valley and Mount View Elementary for the entirety of the school year. These particular partnerships involved having an in-school teaching artist and having after school teaching artists. Our teaching artists have supported events and workshops at these schools which allowed for families to be exposed to the creative experiences of their children.
Strength of your partnership with Highline: Nikki Fogerty and Stefan Nelson from Highline Public Schools have been great advocates to our programming by providing us support with logistical information such as classroom enrollments and information to professional developments.

Students visiting colleges

College Success Foundation

Students Served: 949
Schools Served: 7
Highlight of your work this year: FAFSA/WASFA completion rate for all Achievers (88% and climbing) & a push for other non-CSF students to complete as well (in support of College/Career Specialists), Overnight Spring Break College Tours- 45 Junior Achievers explored EWU, CWU & WSU, Signature scholarships awarded to senior Achievers: 

  • HHS- 9 seniors received WSOS scholarship, 1 Act Six, 7 received the Highline Alumni Foundation Scholarship
  • MRHS- 8 seniors received WSOS scholarship, 2 won Des Moines Dollars for Scholars, 1- Highline Council PTSA scholarship
  • THS- 8 awarded WSOS, 3 L1000, 5 Highline Foundation
  • EHS- 5 seniors awarded WSOS scholarships

Strength of your partnership with Highline: Alignment and support for school/district events and activities related to college/career such as: CollegeCon, Future U, and Career Exploration Trips. CSF advisor and program manager participating in the Highline/YDEKC Community Partnership Cohort.