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  • We expect all students to challenge themselves academically, creatively, physically, socially, and to take responsibility for their actions. We will provide a safe, enriching, academic environment; assess each student's needs; and help students achieve their maximum potential.


  • Dear Highline Pirates Community,

    Here we are almost at the end of our first semester of the year.   Our Senior Class is on the short path to graduation in June.   This Spring, the Class of 2018 graduation ceremonies will return to the Highline Memorial Stadium on June 16th at 11:00.   As they prepare for next steps in life they have been meeting with colleges, filling out FAFSA forms, meeting with recruiters, visiting job sites, looking at internships and more.    To date, over 100 seniors have already been accepted to the college of their choice.

    This school year our focus has been on building a strong campus culture of acceptance, equity, and school pride.   Our Advisory classses focus on lessons designed to increase awareness, build a common core of acceptance, and strong positive behaviors, and to lay the foundation for equity across all social, academic, and economic strata.   Our staff is participating in a year-long series of trainings in "Trauma Informed and Restorative Practices".   The work has been enlightening and challenging.   Growth is evident among staff and students.

    As we begin to look towards moving out of Highline and into the interim sight at Olympic School for three years, we find ourselves reflective of the history of this great school and what the future holds for us.   The legacy of being a Pirate calls to mind the words of our Highline Fight Song.

    We're loyal to you Highline High

    The purple and gold Highline High

    We'll back you to stand

    Against the best in the land

    Because we're loyal to you Highline High


    So Smash that blockade Highline High

    Go crashing ahead Highline High

    Our team is our fame, protector, onward and we will win a victory Highline High


    Our goal is to help shape the minds and bodies of our young students.  It is our mission to help prepare them for their futures and guide them through the transition from High School to what comes next.  Loyalty to the history and traditions of Highline make it a difficult transition but our school building is challenged to keep up with the goals and demands of a 21st Centrury Learning Environment.   In the months to come, we will smash that blockade to progress and go crashing ahead into the future.   We will remain loyal to the Pirate Spirit as we build a New Highline High School that is equipped with the necessary resources to provide our young scholars the tools they need to succeed.   Our Community can keep current with all the latest news about the transition on the Highline School District Website under Planning and Construction.

    On a personal note, it continues to be my great pleaseure to work with the staff and students at Highline.  The energy in the halls can be electrifying.  The creativity in the classrooms inspires me.   The open and intelligent perspective that students bring to conversations about issues on campus motivates me to keep growing in my role as an Instructional Leader.   I encourage parents and community to get to know us and become involved with our work here.   Our doors are always open and we welcome you.




    Vicki Fisher,                                                                                                                                                                                                     Principal             





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  • State Superintendent: Schools Must Be Safe for All

    Following comments to a congressional committee by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, State Superintendent Chris Reykdal issued a statement reiterating Washington state's stance on protecting our students who are undocumented in our K-12 schools.

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  • 17 Superstar Teachers

    If you are looking for real-life superstars, look no further than Highline. All of our teachers are stars, and we want you to meet a few who earned gold stars this year from someone who especially admires their commitment to know every student by name, strength and need.

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  • Celebrating Our Dedicated Support Staff

    We are honoring the often unsung heroes of our schools, our classified employees—support staff who serve lunches, drive buses, clean schools and support our students in so many ways. We are grateful for their dedication and outstanding work on behalf of our students.

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  • New Website Coming Summer 2018

    We are in the process of redesigning our website. Our new site will be easier to navigate, accessible to users with disabilities and will require less staff time to create and manage content. We now need your feedback to figure out what you need and expect from the new Highline website.

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  • 5 Bold Goals for 2018-2023

    What if the entire community rallied around our promise to know every student by name, strength and need and our goal for every student to graduate prepared for the future they choose? Our updated strategic plan points the way.

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