Recommended Boundary Maps & Feeder Pattern

  • Dear Families & Community Members,

    The community-led Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) asked for public feedback on an initial draft boundary plan from March 10 to April 20. Thank you for your feedback in 10 community meetings and more than 600 survey responses!

    We read all your comments, listened to many ideas and held a boundary design session for the community. We met April 25 and May 9 to revise the CFAC boundary plan to address as many of your suggestions as possible. We met again May 23 to finalize our recommendations to the school board. On June 6, we presented our recommendations and supplemental considerations to the school board. 

    The school board will take action at its June 27 meeting. 

    Once a new school boundary plan is approved, it will take effect fall 2019--when our two new schools open and sixth grade moves to middle school.

    See the revised, recommended boundary maps, feeder pattern and supplemental considerations below.

    Rose Clark and Aaron Garcia
    CFAC Co-chairs & community members

    CFAC-Recommended Boundary Maps (proposed)

    (Revised May 9, 2018, Recommended to School Board June 6, 2018)

    View larger pdf file of the draft, revised elementary, middle and high school boundary maps and school feeder pattern for fall 2019.

    Draft Boundary Maps, Revised May 9, 2018, Recommended to School Board by CFAC June 6, 2018. Click image to see larger jpg of maps and feeder pattern.

    Refer to existing school boundary maps and feeder pattern.

    CFAC-Recommended School Feeder Pattern (proposed)

    (Revised May 9, 2018, Recommended to School Board June 6, 2018)

    Elementary School (K-5)  >  Middle School (6-8) >  High School (9-12)

    • Shorewood > Cascade > Evergreen

    • Mount View > Cascade > Evergreen

    • White Center Heights > Cascade > Evergreen

    • Beverly Park > Glacier* > Evergreen

    • Southern Heights > Glacier* > Evergreen

    • Hazel Valley > Cascade* > Highline

    • Cedarhurst > Glacier* > Highline

    • Hilltop > Glacier* > Highline* 

    • Seahurst > Glacier* > Highline

    • Gregory Heights > Sylvester > Highline

    • McMicken > Chinook > Tyee

    • Bow Lake > Chinook > Tyee

    • Madrona > Chinook > Tyee

    • North Hill > Sylvester* > Mount Rainier

    • Marvista > Sylvester* > Mount Rainier

    • Midway > Pacific > Mount Rainier

    • Parkside > Pacific > Mount Rainier

    • Des Moines > Pacific > Mount Rainier


    Supplemental Considerations Submitted by CFAC

    (CFAC included these supplemental considerations with their recommendation presented to the school board on June 6, 2018.)


    • This plan perpetuates an inequity that has existed in our district for decades. CFAC was unable to come to consensus on a solution to this inequity.

    • CFAC does not represent the demographics of the community.

    • CFAC recommends that the south end Challenge program move to the new Des Moines Elementary School.

    • CFAC encourages the district to ensure that students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are served as close to their residence as possible.

    • CFAC recommends that students who live within sight of a school have priority for in-district transfer as a hardship.

    • CFAC encourages the district to consider redistribution of financial and other resources to address the known gaps that exist between schools.