Oki! (Blackfeet)

    Guwaadzi`! (Keres`)

    Osiyo! (Cherokee)
    Boozhoo! (Ojibwe)
    Hau! (Lakota)

    Yá'át'ééh! (Diné)

    Wáa sá iyatee! (Tlingit)

    Scəlacəɬdatil! (Lushootseed)
    Our Highline Public Schools Native Education Program is invested in Native student success! 

    Our program provides support in qualifying for specialized academic services, non-academic support to students, staff who support Native students, and families of Native students (e.g. placement support, transfers, discipline, truancy, accessing behavioral/mental health and chemical dependency support specifically for American Indian/Alaska Native people), access to various district/program engagement opportunities, professional development for Highline Public Schools staff, and post-secondary/career guidance and culturally-responsive leadership development to American Indian and Alaska Native students who attend Highline Public Schools.

    The program supports the integration and ongoing development of the Washington State Since Time Immemorial Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum. The program also is the primary advocacy arm for Native students and their families in Highline and serves as a liaison between students, families, school staff, and community agencies that provide support and services to the urban American Indian/Alaska Native community in the Seattle/Highline area.

    All American Indian and Alaska Native students and their families are strongly encouraged to enroll in the program and participate in program activities. The program also provides information and advisement about tribal affiliation and enrollment processes to American Indian or Alaska Native students in the district.  
    Highline Indigenous Peoples Celebration
    Indigenous Peoples Red Eagle Soaring Highline High Youth
    UW Bothell RAIN 2016
    Kyle Making Stuff at Indigenous Peoples Celebration 2016
    Mount Rainier Native Student Alliance
    Naakw Dancers at Highline Indigenous Peoples Celebration 2016
    Deanne & Dad at Indigenous Peoples Celebration 2016