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Family Update for September 16

Learning Materials Distribution

Due to unhealthy air quality, some schools may schedule alternative days for pick-up of learning materials. Your school will contact you with any changes or additions to the pick-up schedule.

Time is Running Out - Complete the Census and Be Counted

With just a few weeks left, and many more people still left to be counted across Washington, we are asking YOU to complete the census. 

Statistically Black and Indigenous People, communities of color, and immigrant communities are undercounted. Make sure your family is counted.  

This is how we make sure our communities and families get the resources we need for things like housing, education, healthcare, and transportation. Every single person should be counted--even young children and babies!

If we’re NOT counted, the investments our communities and families need to survive and thrive will disappear. 

You can complete your census online at, or by a phone number listed below.

If you’ve already completed your census—THANK YOU! Consider checking with your friends, neighbors, and family to make sure they’ve completed theirs. 

Complete the census by Phone: 

  • English 844-330-2020 
  • Spanish 844-468-2020 
  • Chinese (Mandarin) 844-391-2020 
  • Chinese (Cantonese) 844-398-2020 
  • Vietnamese 844-461-2020 
  • Korean 844-392-2020 
  • Russian 844-417-2020 
  • Arabic 844-416-2020 
  • French 844-494-2020 
  • Haitian Creole 844-477-2020 

Five Reasons to Fill Out the Census

1. Our School and Community Funding Depend On It

Census numbers are used to help determine the distribution of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal and state funds. Census results help determine how money is allocated for school lunches, the Head Start program, grants that support teachers and special education--and much more. Unless everyone is counted, these programs will be underfunded and may be unable to meet the needs of our kids, families and community.

2. Your Information is Safe and Confidential 

Everyone living in the U.S--whether they are U.S. citizens or not—should complete the census. It is safe and confidential. There is no citizenship question on the census. 

3. It's Fast 

It has only 10 questions and takes only 10 minutes to fill out. 

4. It Means Help in Times of Need

Many 911 emergency systems are based on maps developed with data from the census. Census information helps healthcare providers predict the spread of disease through communities with children or elderly people. When floods, tornadoes or earthquakes hit, the census tells rescuers how many people will need their help.

5. It Gives Our Community a Voice

The results of this once-a-decade count determine the number of seats each state has in Congress. Results are also used to draw congressional and state legislative districts.