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Hybrid Hot Topics - Feb. 11, 2021

Here are answers to more questions we are hearing.

How will we ensure students keep their masks on?

We will start by setting expectations and teaching students why masks are so important.

  • Before hybrid learning starts, teachers will pre-teach what it looks like to be safe by wearing masks in different settings and activities. Teaching and Learning will provide lesson plans.
  • Schools will communicate clear guidance on mask-wearing for adults and students and will post signage and images at entries to the school and classrooms to reinforce the requirement.
  • Classes will update their classroom charters to emphasize being and feeling safe.
  • Schools will give positive incentives for mask-wearing and safe behavior.
  • Teaching and Learning will provide additional lessons and resources teachers can use to reinforce mask-wearing. Lessons can be integrated into various content areas.

If a student does not follow the expectation to keep their mask on, we will use progressive discipline, as with any other behavior issue.

  • Staff will re-teach the expectations and work with the student to correct the behavior using goal-setting and other behavior modification strategies.
  • Teacher or staff will call the student's family to reiterate expectations.
  • If a student refuses to wear a mask after attempts to change the behavior, the student may be returned to fully remote learning.

What circumstances trigger the closure of a classroom or school?

A classroom will close and switch to distance learning for 10 days when two or more students or staff in the same classroom or work area test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of each other and the cases are not associated in another setting (household, club, etc.)

A school will close and switch to distance learning for 10 days when:

  • Two or more classrooms are dismissed due to outbreaks, as defined above (in schools with 10 or fewer classrooms).
  • 10% or more of classrooms are dismissed due to outbreaks, as defined above (in schools with more than 10 classrooms).
  • School cannot function due to insufficient teaching or support staff.

Based on Washington State Department of Health guidance

Why are hybrid students only in person for 2.5 hours a day?

When selecting a model for hybrid learning, we considered two different schedules: two full days each week or four partial days (AM/PM). Based in part on teacher and principal feedback, the half-day model was chosen for elementary school students.

In the AM/PM model, students have more consistent contact with their teachers (almost daily, as opposed to five days without contact.) Teachers can use in-person time to prepare students for the remote work they will complete in the next 24 hours. If students have questions, they can receive real-time in-person support from their teacher the next school day.

The AM/PM model has the same amount of instructional time as the two-full-day model. (In AM/PM, students are at school for fewer minutes because they don't have lunch or recess on site.)

AM/PM session times are based on the contracted teacher workday (8:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.) and the need for time between cohorts for transporting students and cleaning classroom surfaces.