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Highline Public Schools
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Distance Learning


We have learned from family and student feedback and our experience last spring. We have developed an improved distance learning program for this fall that includes:

  • A digital device for every individual student
  • Learning materials, such as math books, math manipulatives and composition notebooks for elementary students.
  • Live instruction
  • Virtual small group support
  • Broadband internet access to more families, with the support of our city governments and private donors
  • A check-in with the same adult each week for one-on-one support

Students will be learning five days a week from their homes with a combination of live full-class instruction and small group instruction, as well as independent learning activities. 

Types of Instruction

Live Instruction 

Teachers deliver live instruction and communication to the whole class or in small groups. This instruction (also called synchronous instruction) includes intensive support for students who need it, including students learning English and students with special needs.

Live instruction is recommended to be no more than 30-40 minutes for each session; however, students will have up to 4 hours of live instruction daily depending on age and the need for additional support. Students in grades pre-K to 1 will receive 1-2 hours of live instruction per day. Students in grades 2-12 can expect 3-4 hours per day.

SElf-paced Instruction

Students engage in learning at their own pace (also called asynchronous instruction). Students may use digital platforms like Seesaw or Google Classroom or watch teacher-created videos. They will also engage in non-digital activities such as reading and independent learning projects. 

Sample Schedules: Day and Week

Day in the Life of Distance Learning

Below are example schedules. Your school and teacher may structure the day differently. 


9:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. 


  • Morning meeting (30 min)
  • Literacy instruction (30-45 min)
  • Independent learning (15-45 min)
    Individual learning on Seesaw and/or non-digital learning materials
  • Music (45 minutes)

LUNCH (30 min)


  • Math instruction (30 min)
  • Independent learning (15-45 min) Individual learning on Seesaw and/or non-digital learning materials
  • Check-in with teacher (15 min)
  • Independent learning (0-60 min)Individual learning on Seesaw and/or non-digital learning materials

Times are general and will vary by grade level.

Elementary Week Sample


8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Start times may shift in the hybrid model.

Period One

  • Synchronous (live) instruction (30 min)
  • Asynchronous/small group (55 min)

Period Two

  • Synchronous (live) instruction (30 min)
  • Asynchronous/small group (55 min)

Lunch AND BREAKS (45 min)

Advisory (30 min)

Period Three

  • Synchronous (live) instruction (30 min)
  • Asynchronous/small group (55 min)

independent learning 

  • Asynchronous Google Classroom with other materials (flexible 60 min)

Times are approximate. Periods are 85 minutes with a mix of live and recorded engagement as well as independent or small group support.

Secondary Week Sample

*These schedules are examples only. Specific schedules will be communicated by classroom teacher.