Realistic Transition Program (RTP)

  • What is Realistic Transition Program (RTP)?

    • Small group and personalized classroom based instruction in:
      • Getting and keeping jobs
      • Becoming more independent
      • Learning about finances
      • Connecting with community resources
      • Finding post-secondary college/training
      • Completing high school requirements
    • Supports student in his or her transition from high school to the adult world
    • Half-day program

    Why Attend?

    Students with IEPs can have extra time (through the year they turn 21) to get support and services in learning how to be a successful adult

    Who Attends?

    • Students with IEPs who are at least 18 years old
    • Has had the opportunity to attend 4 years of high school
    • State Assessments are met (highly recommended) 
    • Home high school IEP team has recommended that student needs more time for supporting post-secondary success 
    • Has current IEP and evaluation
    • Still needs to complete at least one graduation requirement: Culminating Project, High School and Beyond Plan, and credits


    • Karen MacDonald, SPED
    • Larry Hoff, SPED/CTE

    Registration Process

    • Send the RTP Move Up Eligibility Form with transcript and discipline to RTP
    • RTP will arrange a meeting with the student
    • RTP will notify student of enrollment status

    Credits - Transcripts - Graduation

    • 1.5 credits earned for AM or PM session per semester
    • RTP case manages student’s schedule, registration, transcript management
    • Uses Alteration to Graduation form if needed
    • Diploma will be issued from home high school