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Open Doors

What are Open Doors Programs?

Washington State has made significant efforts to re-engage students that have been disengaged from their education. Washington State House Bill 1418 created a dropout re-engagement system that provides education and services to older youth, ages 16-21, who have dropped out of school or are not expected to graduate from high school by the age of 21.

This bill also allows Highline Public Schools to partner with local colleges and community-based organizations to provide a more diverse array of educational models. Learn more about the OSPI Re-Engagement programs.


In order to be eligible for Open Doors Programs a student must:

  • Have not graduated from high school.
  • Be 16-21 years-old by September 1 at the beginning of the school year.
  • Be significantly behind in credits or have a recommendation from designated personnel.


We are proud to provide students the widest variety of Open Doors Re-engagement options than any other school district in Washington State. These programs are offered through partnerships with local colleges, community-based organizations and other contracted organizations.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the Highline Open Doors programs, please contact the program directly or you can make an appointment with the Connection Center.

Career Link

Located on the campus of South Seattle College, Carreer Link is designed to help students complete a diploma and make the transition to post-secondary education.   Students may earn dual credit for high school completion and college credit. Youth who enroll in our program attend full-time at no cost. Students explore career and educational options while building solid basic academic skills and explore college programs at no charge while completing their high school diploma.

Career Link Website

Southwest Youth & Family Services Credit Recovery Program

The High School Re-Entry Program is an alternative high school experience designed to help students reconnect with their education. Our classes focus on math, language arts, social studies, and personal development, with a goal to help students successfully transition back into comprehensive high schools so they can graduate with their peers.  We can offer other classes on a need basis in order to help satisfy high school requirements. Students are welcome to apply at any time.

SW Youth & Family Services Website

Southwest Youth and Family Services GED Program

The Teen Parent GED Program helps teens who are currently parents or who are pregnant acquire their GED. Certified teachers instruct students in language arts, writing, math, social studies, and science. This program focuses not only on academic education, but parenting education. By providing information about parenting and child development, as well as free on-site childcare for the children of GED students, we help students achieve academic and personal success.

SW Youth & Family Services Website

Graduation Alliance

Graduation Alliance is a fully online model of education.  In partnership with educators, economic development agencies and community leaders across the nation, Graduation Alliance provides versatile pathways to high school graduation, fosters college and career exploration, and connects job creators to skilled and ready workers.  In everything it does, Graduation Alliance works for one common goal: creating opportunity through the power of education.   Students interested in enrolling are required to have a referral from the Highline Connection Center. 

Graduation Alliance Website

Pathway to College

Pathway to College, Located at Highline College, is dual credit program allows students to earn a high school diploma while progressing toward a college degree or certificate. Students are welcomed and are seen as adult college students at Highline.  Pathway to College classes can be offered both during the day and in the evening, providing much needed flexibility for working students or students with children.  Pathway to College students learn how to succeed in an educational setting, under the guidance of a caring team of instructors and resource specialists with experience and interest in dropout youth. 

Pathway to College Website


Located on the campus of Highline College ELL EXCEL serves both newly arrived immigrant and refugee students and students that are currently enrolled in high school, but are struggling to meet state graduation requirements. We provide scaffolded instruction, academic support, individualized advising, and helps students develop the skills necessary for both high school graduation and college success.


HS Success

HS Success at Highline College is partnering with Highline Public Schools and Team Child to offer a high school completion program for youth who are involved, or at risk of involvement, within the juvenile justice system. 

The program allows students to earn their high school diploma and provides wrap-around support services to overcome barriers to their educational success. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for students to re-engage in their education, explore academic/career pathways, develop college/career readiness skills, and earn their high school diploma. 

HS Success Website