Highline Physical Education

Our Vision
Our vision is for every K-12 student in the Highline School District to participate in a high quality Health and Physical Education program that promotes lifelong health and fitness.

Our Mission
We are committed to teaching lifelong health and fitness skills through an active academic learning environment.

Highline Physical Education teaches students the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be physically active for a lifetime.

How do we know that our students are prepared to be physically active for life? We know because they can say/elaborate on the following statements:
  • "I can correctly perform a variety of skills and movements."
  • "I can apply what I know and improve my performance."
  • "I can train myself to be fit and healthy."
  • "I can safely participate and respectfully cooperate with others in physical activity settings."
  • "I can explain the importance of being physically active and can participate in a variety of physical activities."
  • Ask your child to share examples from each of these success statements!