Evergreen Plan

  • Over the course of last year, there was a collaborative process to envision the future of Evergreen Campus.  Evergreen had a Core Planning Team of staff, students, families and community members who met over ten months, and there were additional opportunities for community input.

    Through this process we learned that our students and families highly value the close relationships at small schools, and they want and need a wider range of learning opportunities: more AP offerings, more electives, and more athletic programs.

    Our community believes our students should not have to choose between strong relationships and broader learning opportunities, and we are committed to providing both.

    The work of the Core Planning Team to establish goals and core strategies provides a strong foundation to build on. What became clear through the process is that neither traditional high school of the past nor an autonomous small school model allows us to fully realize the goals and strategies established by the Core Planning Team. That means we are going to have to build something new—something that retains the emphasis on knowing students well AND provides them with the opportunities they want and need.

    The Core Planning Team asked for more time to plan school structure, and that is part of the plan going forward. There will be a design process this fall that involves students, families, and staff. It is the role of educators, working with students, to determine how to deliver the experiences students are asking for.

    It is the job of district leadership to put the right conditions in place. The plan, starting next fall, is:

    • Evergreen will be Evergreen High School with one principal.
    • The school will have small learning structures that staff and students will design, with input from families and the Core Planning Team.

    This decision is based on input gathered from students, families, and staff in the core planning process and in our Thoughtexchange online conversation last spring.

    This is not about turning back the clock to the old Evergreen. The goal is to create a new way of doing things that can be a model for other high schools to learn from. This is a new chapter and an opportunity to build on what we have and also provide students with the opportunities they need to be truly prepared for their next steps after high school.

    Learn more about the plan for Evergreen: