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7 Tips to Maximize Student Conferences

7 Tips to Maximize Student Conferences  Want to get the most out of your student conference? Here are 7 tips to help you build a stronger partnership with your child's school.
Be prepared. Before the conference, ask your student what they are most proud of at school so far this school year. Also, review your child’s grades and attendance using the Parent Portal (connect with the school office to get your registration code if you haven’t set up an account).
Tell the teacher about your child. You know your student best. Share information about your child that may help the teacher better support them at school. Include their likes, dislikes, strengths, and needs. Knowing some things about your family's home life is important, too.
Ask about your child’s emotional and social well-being at school. Questions like, when is my student happiest during the day and how is my student doing socially at school can help you get a better sense of your student’s emotional and social well-being. How a student interacts with peers can have an impact on academic success.
Celebrate successes. Focus on your student’s achievements. It’s important not to get hung up on comparing your child to other students in the classroom or your family. The personal growth of your student should be the focus.
Create a plan. Find out when your student is showing their best focus in class and when they need more support. Partner with the teacher and create a plan to support your student in doing their best to achieve academic goals. 
Use your student’s teacher as a resource. Find out if your student’s teacher recommends any books you can read with your student at home. Ask if there are other ways you can support your student’s learning. Remember, you are your child’s first educator.
Keep the partnership strong. Don’t let student conferences be the only time you communicate with your child’s teacher. Ask your student’s teacher the best way reach them and let them know how you prefer to communicate. Use student conferences as a foundation to build trust and partnership between home and school.