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Attendance Matters here at McMicken

It is important for students to attend school everyday.  Absent or late students miss valuable coursework and instruction and may fall behind in their education.  This is even true for excused absences.  If a student has 5 or more excused absences in a month or 10 excused in a year, the school will schedule a conference with parent/guardian and student for the purposes of identifying the barriers to the students regular attendance, and the supports and resources that may be available to help the student  regularly attend school.  
We strongly discourage  families from taking vacations during school days.  Any absence other than illness, family emergency, dental or medical appointments, or religious observances , that is 3 or more days long will need to be approved by our truancy team.  Please stop by the office to fill out our prearranged absence request form. Make up assignments may not be provided in advance.  The teacher may require some work to be made up upon return. 
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office.