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Open Letter to All Highline Families

Superintendent Susan Enfield is sending a message of respecting and supporting our students to all families in Highline. We are committed to ensuring all students feel safe and nurtured in our schools.

Dear Highline Families,
Susan Enfield Now that we are at the end of a divisive and angry election season, I think all of us are hopeful that the hateful language of the campaign will no longer dominate the news. Over the past few months, many of our students and teachers have shared that the tone of this campaign has impacted the climate in our schools and the community, like in other communities across our nation.

While taunts and name-calling were astonishingly accepted on the campaign trail, we have not tolerated such behavior in our schools, and we will not – ever.

Although the election itself is behind us, we are now at the beginning of a long journey toward healing and uniting as a people. That healing process must start in each one of us.

For my part as superintendent, I renew my commitment to ensuring that students feel safe and nurtured in our schools. Our promise of knowing every student by name, strength, and need means that every student feels respected and supported.
We want to partner with you, the families of our students, to help our students make sense of our current political climate. I am sharing some resources that may be helpful as you talk with your student.

I have confidence that our teachers and staff, along with our families, can help our students learn a valuable lesson from current events – that we are a stronger community and a stronger country when we are united by mutual respect and compassion.

Susan Enfield, Ed.D.
Highline Public Schools