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What Is Important to You? Tell Us

Share Your Thoughts!  What is important to you? How can we partner to make our schools better? It's time to share your thoughts with us. We want your feedback and ideas for our schools and students.

After you share your ideas, we'll show you what others are saying. You will also find out what is important to our community as a whole. 
Here is what we want to know:
  • What are some concerns you have about our school this year?
  • What are the things you appreciate about our school this year?
  • What are some other things you would like to share about your experience at Highline Public School?
 To answer these questions, we invite you to participate in a three-step process called ThoughtExchange:
Share – answer open-ended questions about our schools  – January 9-18
Star – review ideas from others and place a star on the ideas you like best – January 27 - February 5
Discover – learn what is important to the community as a whole – Starting February 20
The process starts with an email invitation to everyone on our email mailing list. You may also register here
This is the third ThoughtExchange process we've used to gather input from the community
  • In Fall of 2015, we used the process to gather our community's input on what what we are doing well and how we can improve. See results here
  • In Spring 2016, we used the process to get feedback about school schedule changes. See results here.
Learn more about the ThoughtExchange process.
If you have questions, please send us an email at:

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!