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Survey Results Show Strong Support for Bond

YourVoice Results from a recent online survey show staff, families, and the community are generally supportive of the bond package that was put to voters on last November's ballot. The bond fell less than one percentage point short of the 60 percent needed for passage.

Between December 3 and 15, Highline hosted an online survey to gather feedback on the bond. The results helped shape the school board’s next steps for addressing the district’s facility needs.

The bond was designed to meet two challenges facing the community: aging, outdated schools in need of replacement and overcrowded schools due to growing enrollment.

More than 1,000 people responded to the survey. Half of participants reported having children in Highline Public Schools.
Participants reported strong support for the projects in the bond:
  • 79% support the proposal to rebuild Highline High School.
  • 80% support the proposal to replace Des Moines Elementary.
  • 82% support the proposal to construct two new middle schools.
  • 88% support the proposal to make critical repairs at Tyee and Evergreen.
  • 88% support the proposal to make technology improvements throughout the district.
9 out of 10 participants agree or strongly agree with the following statements:
  • The district is growing, and without action our overcrowding problem will become more serious.
  • All kids in Highline, regardless of their background, deserve to go to school in safe, modern buildings.
  • Technology improvements throughout the district will help students prepare for today’s jobs.
Sixty-four percent of survey participants said they trust the district to spend tax dollars wisely.
The district holds an exemplary track record of previous capital bond measures. All 14 schools built as a result of the 2002 and 2006 bonds were completed on budget and (with the exception of a three-day delay on one project) on time. The district demonstrated good financial stewardship of bond funds by:
  • Refinancing outstanding bonds multiple times, saving taxpayers nearly $10 million in repayment costs;
  • Qualifying for more than $140 million in matching funds, offsetting the cost to local taxpayers; 
  • Generating additional dollars through cost savings and matching funds to build three schools beyond those directly funded by bonds.
To learn more about the bond and the challenges facing Highline, please visit Building for Tomorrow.